Sound Metrics Launches Latest Addition to the ARIS Product Line

BELLEVUE, WA - Sound Metrics, a leading manufacturer for high-resolution, multi-beam imaging sonars, launched the company’s latest model to the ARIS (Adaptive Resolution Imaging Sonar) product line at Oceanology International in London earlier this year. The new product addition, known as the ARIS Voyager 3000, is depth rated to 4000 meters.
Joe Burch, President of Sound Metrics, reports, “We actually sold two systems prior to the official product launch at OI in London last month, without any marketing or promotional efforts. That is something that has never happened to us before. We’re very excited about the possibilities for ARIS Voyager,” and so are the customers.

Following the favored trend in the ARIS product line up, the new ARIS Voyager 3000 is currently available with 3.0 MHz and 1.8 MHz operating frequencies. The ARIS Voyager 3000 offers a sleek titanium design and delivers on what many of our customers have been asking for – the same high-resolution sonar imagery they have come to expect while using an ARIS but in a deep rated system.
The release of the new ARIS model opens up exciting new possibilities for deep sea exploration and underwater discovery.

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