If you work with Sound Metrics, we’d like to feature your company. Please send us a paragraph about what you do and the ways you use your DIDSON imaging sonar. Include your contact and website information, and please send any images you’ve captured with DIDSON along with a description of how you got them. We’d like to share your story.


Aquacoustics Inc.
Sterling, Alaska USA 907-260-6341
Aquacoustics Inc. is a consulting company specializing in fisheries acoustics. They offer DIDSON rental, consultation, data processing and training, and can help with the installation of DIDSON and peripheral hardware (wireless communication, data storage and backup) to get you started in the field. In addition to the basic use of Sound Metrics software they offer training for Echoview, a software package developed by Myriax Pty Ltd. Together with Myriax, they are involved in ongoing efforts to develop improved processing techniques for DIDSON data, in particular fish enumeration and classification. Look at Aquacoustics work with eels . Look at Aquacoustics work with shadow play.

Headquarters: Campbell, CA 669-242-9413
Contact: Ken Israel, President / Oceanographer
4117 West Rincon Ave | Campbell, CA 95008
Caravel, a company providing environmental, ocean and coastal consulting services to domestic and international clients. Acoustic data analysis focuses on marine archaeological structural reconstruction, habitat characterization of flora and fauna, fisheries monitoring, and seabed structure interaction. DIDSON and ARIS data have been used to identify fish, and fish behavior; high resolution surveying and 3D mapping of undersea structures in highly turbid environments; characterization of deep sea coral communities; benthic surveying; 3D model reconstruction of marine archaeologic sites; and geohazard identification. For over 25 years Caravel associates have applied scientifically rigorous, unique and innovative tools to solve client’s needs.

Headquarters: Oakdale, CA 209-847-6300
Satellite Offices: Chico, CA 530-892-9686 | Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR +(856) 202-999-3276
Contact: Dana Lee, Fisheries Biologist
180 East 4th Street, Suite 160 | Chico, CA 95928
FISHBIO is a fisheries consulting firm dedicated to advancing the research, monitoring, and conservation of fishes around the world. They specialize in providing innovative solutions to complex fisheries problems utilizing the ARIS/DIDSON in conjunction with their full suite of fisheries services and fabrication expertise. FISHBIO offers a range of support services ranging from rental equipment and custom mount fabrication to complete project design and implementation. With years of experience using both the DIDSON and ARIS units, they also offer technical support on data collection and quantitative analysis. They have deployed novel techniques to enumerate and monitor fish behavior and movement patterns throughout California and Southeast Asia. They believe in sharing technical resources and expertise where they are most needed to improve conservation and management throughout the world. Learn more by exploring their services and projects at​

Keith Denton
K. Denton and Associates, LLC
Sequim, Washington USA 360-460-0995
K. Denton and Associates ARIS/DIDSON expertise is focused on enumerating and monitoring salmon in small and large rivers, as well as in lakes. With over a decade of experience using the technology, they can also offer assistance with a wide range of other ARIS/DIDSON projects. For salmon enumeration projects, they offer services ranging from advice on the required equipment and setup to complete installation and project management. They have a variety of experience in both DIDSON and ARIS data collection, management, and analysis, as well as the design and installation of supporting infrastructure including electrical components, mounting options, and deflection weirs. They can also provide quantitative assistance to produce statistically defensible deliverables from raw acoustic data.

+(31) 0592 203 661
oQuay specializes in using the ARIS to perform Underwater Inspections of quay walls, retaining walls, bridges, locks, ports, divers, tubular piles, etc. to provide the best possible insight to their clients.

Peter Johnson
Principal Scientist, Johnson FishSci
Stevenson, Washington USA 360-635-3704
Peter has been involved with testing and application of imaging sonar systems in fisheries studies for 17 years. He has extensive experience using Dual-frequency Identification Sonar (DIDSON) and Adaptive Resolution Imaging Sonar (ARIS) in a wide variety of investigations including for assessing fish passage, estimating escapement, evaluating fish behavior and characterizing fish-habitat relationships. His services include application of and training with imaging sonar systems and split-beam hydroacoustics, development of study designs, evaluation of behavorial technologies for fish guidance and protection, and conducting of 316(b) monitoring studies.

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Vitech offers contract research and software development services to scientific communities and industries assisting customers with their research and technology development by providing advice and technical support. One key area is application of fisheries sonar such as DIDSON in riverine and oceanic environments that meets specific needs of worldwide user groups. They develop customized data processing software for use in research or daily operations, and work closely with customers to develop innovative approaches to meet new challenging demands.

ZLA Environmental Consultants
Zack Larson
P.O. Box 1400, Crescent City, CA USA 707-954-1085
ZLA provides consulting services and training for freshwater and marine applications of ARIS and DIDSON.  If you need real-time underwater inspection or long term fish counting services, ZLA offers mobile and stationary sonar deployment strategies and solutions for computer network and system power needs.


Israel +1 401 369 9814 Mobile +972 50 839 0179
Acoustic View specializes in acoustic imaging applications such as sonar, ultrasound and brain imaging using in-house development and consulting. The mosaicing enhancement of DIDSON images is done in near-real-time, providing a wide range of applications for surveying and continuous monitoring of underwater installations related to homeland security.

ScienceGL (3D software)
Attleboro, MA 508-222-6323
They provide post processing tools for 3D images.


Aquacoustics Inc. 
Sterling, Alaska USA

Ocean Marine Industries 
Chesapeake, Virginia USA

Headquarters: Oakdale, CA 209-847-6300
Satellite Offices: Chico, CA 530-892-9686 | Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR +(856) 202-999-3276

Sound Metrics
Bellevue, Washington USA

Ashtead Technology
United Kingdom
Contact: Ross MacLeod

Contact: Sven Eivind Torkildsen

Escort Ltd.
Contact: Arek Markowski
+(48) 91 431 0400


Bluefin Robotics 
Cambridge, Massachusetts USA 617-715-7080 
Bluefin Robotics manufactures Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), derivative systems, and related technology providing solutions for military, commercial (oil and gas survey, sea floor mapping) and scientific markets worldwide. Their wide range of vehicles include the cost-effective Spray glider, non-tethered Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (HAUV) designed for ship hull inspection, and the BF Series of AUVs available in a number of standard and customized configurations with propulsion, navigation, and battery systems. Bluefin Robotics’ BF Series vehicles are the only commercially available AUVs that boast a completely modular, free-flooded architecture for optimum performance at the greatest depths.

Deep Ocean Engineering 
San Leandro, California USA 510-562-9300
Deep Ocean designs and builds ROVs from its plant in California. In continuous operation for 25 years, it has sold more than 530 ROV systems in over 30 countries worldwide. Deep Oceans systems have been utilized in military, security, salvage, long tunnel and pipeline inspection, customs, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants, dams and lakes, offshore oil and gas servicing, scientific research and education, fisheries and broadcast filming applications. In addition to offering a complete range of standard ROV systems, Deep Ocean provides customized solutions for clients with specific requirements.

ECA Hytec 
Montpellier, France +33 (0)4 67 63 64 00
Eca Hytec specializes in manufacturing remotely controlled systems for intervention in hostile environments for subsea, nuclear, pipes, sewer and other applications. It supplies a range of ROVs and video systems. Instrumented robots and remote controlled tools are also available for rent.

Pocasset, Massachusetts USA 508-563-6565
Hydroid was founded by the inventors of the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle REMUS. It can be used in hydrographic surveys, field mapping, search and salvage, fisheries and harbor security operations. Technicians are able to assist with all aspects of REMUS operations including mission programming and maintenance.

Nanaimo, BC, Canada 250-729-8899
Seamor manufactures and distributes underwater inspection ROVs and modules. The Seamor ROV system provides quality underwater images, improved sensor integration, increased power and greater operational depth. It allows for easy swap out of thrusters, camera modules or electronics control canister.

Teledyne Benthos 
North Falmouth, Masssachusetts 508 563-1000
Teledyne Benthos provides high technology products and integrated systems used for measurement, inspection, data collection and communication in remote and challenging marine environments. Products include geophysical survey systems, side scan sonar systems, glass flotation spheres, acoustic releases, hydrophones, underwater modems, pingers and other oceanographic products for both deep and shallow water applications.

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